DS10 Asmat Ancestor Skull Irian Jaya Papua New Guinea Shell Septum Nose Piece



Item No.                 . DS10

Description          . Ancestor Skull ‘Ndambirkus’ from the Asmat people. Aged brown patina with a Shell Septum Nose Piece and  the grey seeds of Job’s-tears grass decoration around the eyes. Also an embellished headband with cassowary feather tassels. Please Note: I have included photo’s without Background Blue as it reduces Cassowary Feathers hair detail. The basic themes of Asmat culture are head-hunting and ancestor worshipping and their ceremonial life is chiefly aimed at appeasing the spirits of the dead. The skull of a treasured ancestor was treated with utmost respect, dressed in a ceremonial manner and kept in a secure place where it was also used as a pillow. The shell nose piece has been repaired in a few places. Also see attached photos courtesy National Geographic 1962

Price                       . USD$3250