About Me

Welcome to my Web Site!!

My name is Roger and I have been an avid collector for over 50 years or most of my adult life.

I have mainly collected Tribal Art, specifically from the Pacific Rim and particularly Australia and New Guinea, and as I need to downsize the collection I am listing on this website a number of the several hundred items that I intend to sell. If you are looking for something specific Contact Me and I will see if I have it available. I have tried to include on this site a cross range of items from old expensive Museum quality pieces to cheaper more affordable items (but not tourist pieces). Within reason I will negotiate on prices. Also I do not include stands as they tend to be far heavier than the item and consequently expensive to freight (it would be cheaper to have a local stand made if needed).  Some items come with custom stands but as they are heavy the freight costs may exceed the cost of having them made in your own country. If the stands are still required they can be shipped at customers expense.

Click on a collecting field to display items in that category and a detailed description and larger image is available upon further clicking the thumbnail. If further images are required I will oblige where possible by E-Mailing them direct to you.

For information on ordering and shipping details please see my How to Order page. If you are looking for items in a particular collecting field or just wish to discuss Tribal Art generally please E-Mail me as I will be more than happy to reply.

Happy Collecting  – Roger