Kurdaitcha Shoes Cadiche / Kadaitcha / Gudaichi


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Description      .Pair of Kadaitcha shoes from ‘Pitinjara’ people in Fregon, South Australia. These were worn by the Kurdaitcha (or kurdaitcha man) who is a ritual “Executioner” in Australian Aboriginal culture. The Indigenous name for the shoes are interlinia in Northern Australia and intathurta in the South. The oval shaped shoe is made from a mat of feathers mixed with human blood and hair in such a way that the blood can not be detected and even a close examination does not reveal how the feathers remain stuck together. An opening in the centre allows the foot to be inserted and this opening has a band of human hair to hold shoe on as can be seen. It is taboo for any woman or child to see them and when not in use the shoes are kept wrapped in kangaroo skin or hidden in a sacred place. Discovering the oval-shaped footprint of the kurdaitcha shoe would strike fear into the hearts of entire groups of people. When discovered, the footprints caused great amounts of terror and hysteria would ensue. Comes with a custom made perspex container. Photo courtesy Messrs, Macmillan & Co.

Size                      .Each Shoe 19cm * 14cm (7.5″ * 5.5″)

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