AP20 Spearthrower ‘Walpiri’ Woomera


Item #                 AP20

Description      A very good Central Australian early 20th century Throwing Stick or Woomera. This piece was bought from the Walpiri people in 1958 and had been extensively used as can be seen by the wear and grime on the throwing end where it is gripped. Woomera are thought to have been used for over 5,000 years and this example has been hand cut and covered in ochre and the pin bound with kangaroo sinew with a natural resin used on the end. Woomera’s used in central and western Australian deserts were multi-purpose tools. Often shaped like long narrow bowls, they could be used for carrying vegetable matter as well as food items like lizards or seeds. Many Woomera’s had a sharp stone cutting edge attached at the end of the handle with black gum from the ‘Triodia’ plant. This sharp tool had many uses, such as cutting up game or other food and wood and could possibly also be used as a shield for protection against spears and boomerangs.

Size                       87cm * 10cm (34″ * 4″)

Price                    USD$275

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