aDT07 Skull Iatmul Overmodelled East Sepik Province Human Hair see similar South Australia Museum


Item No.                 . DT07

Description          . An Overmodelled Ancestor Skull from the East Sepik Province with real braided Human Hair, shellwork and overmodeled with a paste consisting of red clay, lime and tigasso oil. Please Note: I have included photo’s without Background Blue as it reduces hair detail. The over modelling of the skulls of men, women and children was once a common practice for both the Iatmul and the Sawos people. These decorated skulls were often of identifiable ancestors rather than those taken in headhunting raids as trophies, although both could receive similar treatment.An almost identical example is on display at the South Australia Museum. See photo (courtesy S.A. Museum) Collected in 1961.

Size                         . cm (   “)

Price                       . USD$3350