AH04 Skull Rack Agiba Papua Gulf Headhunting


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Description      .A Skull Rack (Agiba) from Papuan Gulf generally used to display trophy heads and collected in the 1950’s by a tribal arts dealer. These agiba, or skull racks, were only to be carved after a male had taken the head of an enemy or ancestor, and they were intended to represent the martial prowess of the tribe.These people thought the removal of the head of a slain enemy would allow the person who killed them to control the spirit and power of that person.  The images, zigzag, and chevron patterns found on Agibas have been linked to a form of genaeology and were ritually repainted which would reinvigorate the Agiba with power. A nice reasonably priced example of these racks.

Size                      .85cm * 36cm (33 1/2″ * 14″)

Price                    USD$325

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